How Long Will it Take for a Magnetic Bracelet to Work

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Another question we often get asked is “when will it work”, voiced in more or less impatient terms.

Naturally, if you are investing in an item you hope can help with pain relief, reducing inflammation and improving circulation, you want it to work, well, instantly. Or, if not instantly, then as soon as possible.

But as with most things in life, how soon a magnetic bracelet will work will depend on a whole range of factors. Here are some of them:

How do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

The belief that magnets can help treat different ailments comes from way back during the Renaissance, when it was thought that they have a specific kind of energy that can fight disease, calm infections and relieve pain.

In the 1970s, Albert Roy Davies further studied the effects of magnetic therapy, and concluded that the negative and positive charges can have an impact on human biology. Some explain this effect as a change in the bioenergetic field of the wearer.

While the science of magnetic bracelets remains disputed and is often discredited, the testimony of those who have experienced the benefits of wearing one can’t wholly be disregarded. True, some will argue that this is nothing more than a placebo effect – and if that is the case, why bother discrediting it then? After all, the benefits of a placebo are amazing themselves.

Whether or not you believe a magnetic bracelet will help, refrain from ridiculing someone else’s beliefs. As they are in no way harmful, whether or not they make you or your friend or family member feel better, take them as nothing more than a charming piece of jewellery.

How Long Will It Take Then?

None of that provides an actual answer, we know. It’s just an intro to saying – it will depend, and we didn’t want to lead with that.

Some of our customers tell us they have experienced practically instant pain relief. Others tell us it has been a gradual improvement, but that an injury has healed faster than it usually does.

Of course, there are also those who send rather unpleasant emails, claiming they have felt absolutely no improvement. We tell them what we are about to tell you – there is no guarantee the magnetic bracelet you choose will work for you. Notice we don’t claim at any point that it will, nor that it will turn your life around completely, that it’s the silver bullet to all of your troubles.

We understand that there are shops out there that promise all kinds of practically overnight benefits. But that’s not us.

So, to answer your question in a nutshell – there is no way to tell how long it will take for a magnetic bracelet to work.

Which doesn’t mean it won’t.

What Can You do to Boost the Effects of Your Magnetic Bracelet?

In order to give your magnetic bracelet the best chance of working, try these tips.

Wear it on the right wrist

Where you choose to wear your magnetic bracelet can impact its effect significantly. If you are looking for pain relief, wear it on the wrist that aches. If you suffer from arthritis in both wrists, try alternating the bracelet every so often, and see how you feel.

If you are having elbow pain, wear the bracelet as close to your elbow as you can. The same goes for pain in your knee.

Wear it long enough

If you wear your magnetic bracelet for a couple of hours each day, it may not be long enough for it to take effect. Ideally, you will wear it during the entire day and night, excluding showers, baths and any dips in a pool or other body of water.

Sleeping with your magnetic bracelet might be a bit of a challenge though, so if you find it very uncomfortable, take it off before going to bed, and slip it back on when you wake up.

Choose the right bracelet

A bracelet that fits more snugly on your wrist will usually work better than one that is very loose and keeps sliding up and down your arm all the time. However, you don’t want it to be too tight, as it can impair the circulation in your arm.

Our nifty sizing guide can help you figure out how to measure your wrist properly, and how to choose the fit and style of your bracelet.

Stop being a naysayer

Finally, you might want to stop telling yourself it won’t work, that it’s a scam and that you’ve somehow been tricked into spending money on something that doesn’t even work.

At the risk of sounding very new-age and mystical, you need to either stop worrying about whether it will work and let it do its job, or not wear one at all. Sometimes the more you think about something and the more you call into question whether said something will happen or not is precisely what’s preventing it from happening.

Are you familiar with the waiting for the bus routine, where the longer you keep staring at the end of the road, the less likely your bus is to appear, but the moment you stop thinking about it, it somehow arrives?

This is nothing more than a shift in focus, but sometimes that’s all you need to make something work for you – a change of perspective.

Will It or Won’t It?

If you would like to give one of our magnetic bracelets a go, browse through our shop, take a look at the different styles, sizes, colours and materials we offer, and decide which one would best fit your current wrist accessories.

Bear in mind, we are offering no guarantees here – all we can say is that every member of our team has worn at least 5 of our magnetic bracelets at some point, testing them out for longevity and comfort. We are all wearing one today too.

Even if you write them off as unhelpful and just consider them for their aesthetic appeal, the Felicii bracelets are as good a conversation opener as any, plus they might just help you feel better.

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