How to Draw Mike Wazowski Easily

How to Draw Mike Wazowski. Monsters, Inc. is a movie that has been delighting animation lovers of all ages since its release in 2001. Since then, the characters and concepts of this classic Pixar film have been featured in a prequel, TV series, video game and more!

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The two main characters are the intimidating but kindhearted Sulley and his sarcastic and intelligent friend Mike Wazowski.

Thanks to his simple but effective design and quick wit, Mike has become one of Pixar’s most popular characters.

Fans around the world love learning how to draw Mike Wazowski so they can put him in unique situations!

If you love this character, you’ll love this step-by-step guide on how to draw Mike Wazowski!

How to Draw Mike Wazowski

Step 1

Mike’s body is small and round, which doubles as a face and head! In this first step of our guide to drawing Mike Wazowski, we’ll start by outlining his body.

Mike’s body shape is best described as ‘ovoid’, however he is quite stocky and ovoid. With some curved lines you can draw the slightly narrower top of her body and then add the wider base.

One of Mike’s most distinctive features is his big eye, and now we’re going to draw that too.

Just like her body, her eye isn’t a perfect circle either. Instead, it has a slightly flattened oval shape and you can attach it near the top of his head.

Once all these details are completed, you are ready for step 2!

Step 2

Now that his body is outlined, let’s start working on some eye and head details for this part of your Mike Wazowski drawing.

First, let’s focus on her eye. To do this, simply draw a medium-sized circle in his eye. Then draw a black circle with a tiny white circle inside to emphasize her wink.

Next we draw her mouth. For the top, use a flat but slightly curved line, and then draw an arc-shaped curved line underneath.

Finally we’ll finish this step by adding his two small horns on top of his head with small curved lines that have a blunt tip on top.

Step 3

In the third part of this guide to drawing Mike Wazowski, we’re going to add even more detail to his face. Again, let’s start with his eye. First, draw a curved line underneath.

Next we’ll add more lines above his eye to give it a more wrinkled look.

Once we’re done with the eye area, let’s add some details to her mouth. First, use some curved lines at the top and bottom of his mouth to represent his sharp teeth.

In between we’ll add a round shape for her tongue to sit there. Then continue with step 4!

Step 4

Mike is starting to look like the monster we now know and love! He still needs some limbs, so let’s add them to your Mike Wazowski drawing in this step and the next.

It has two rather spindly legs and small, sharp claws at the ends of its toes.

You can use some curved lines for the outline of her legs. As you can see in the reference image, these are pointing in opposite directions.

Step 5

Now it’s time to finish this picture so you can have fun coloring in the next step of our guide on how to draw Mike Wazowski.

Finally, let’s add his arms at the sides. With some more curved lines, trace her thin arms hanging down and add some sharp nails at the ends of her fingers too!

You can even change the position of his arms for different poses. Maybe one of his hands could hold a microphone since Mike loves to do stand up comedy!

If you’re ambitious, maybe you could look at some pictures of his best friend Sulley and put him together with Mike.

These are just a few ideas, but there are so many ways to add some fun touches to this image. We can’t wait to see your creative ideas!

Step 6

Let’s finish this drawing by Mike Wazowski with some color. Mike usually stands out as he has a bright green colorway that complements his unique design.

In our reference image, we’ve gone with the classic color scheme, but even while sticking with green, there are ways to make this image more dynamic.

We used a combination of dark green and light green to create a shading effect on Mike and you can use this as a guide if you want to achieve a similar effect.

If you want to make the colors nice and bright, you can color them in with colored markers or acrylic paints and highlight them so that they pop off the page.

Your Mike Wazowski Drawing is Finished!

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