How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet

Have you recently purchased one of our magnetic bracelets and are now wondering what the best way to wear it would be?

Or are you considering getting one for yourself or a loved one, but are not sure if wearing it fits in with your lifestyle and the other pieces of jewellery you already wear on your wrist?

Let’s explore the best ways to wear one of our magnetic bracelets, and how you can make sure it lasts you a good long time.

As you already know, wearing a magnetic bracelet has many benefits, all of which are likely to be amplified if you choose the right kind of magnetic bracelet, and wear it properly.

Here’s what you should bear in mind:

Wearing a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly

Ideally, you want to wear your magnetic bracelet on the wrist that pains you, if that’s one of the main reasons you have chosen to invest in it. If your wrist isn’t the sore spot, you can base your decision entirely on personal preference. Alternating between wrists is also a good choice, as you may experience the benefits more evenly that way.

Try to wear it next to your skin, without any material between your wrist and the bracelet. It should be a snug fit – but definitely not too tight. You don’t want it to be uncomfortable, and you want to have a full range of motion with the wrist. However, make sure it doesn’t slide up and down your arm too much either. So, a bit of wiggle room is what you are going for.

The magnets of the bracelet should be on its inner side, in direct contact with your skin. This is practically a given though, as most bracelets can only be done up the one way.

If you like our link bracelets, know that they can be adjusted to fit your better – more on that in just a bit. You won’t have to worry about magnet placement with them, all you have to ensure is that they fit, and that you like them, of course. The clasp will naturally rotate around your wrist, but this should not worry you at all.

As for our bangles, the open section should sit nicely on the inner side of your wrist. The opening should also be small enough to prevent it from sliding off your arm – more on that in our sizing tips below.

Wearing a Magnetic Bracelet on Both

Wrists You don’t need to wear a magnetic bracelet on each wrist in order to maximize its effects. Wearing just the one should be enough. You can shift it from one hand to the other every so often, if you feel you are benefiting from this shift. Otherwise, just stick to the wrist you prefer, and enjoy the effects!

Wearing a Magnetic Bracelet at Night

Wearing your magnetic bracelet at night can in fact be very beneficial for you, and you may find yourself sleeping better and waking up feeling much more refreshed. Some of your daily aches and pains might also feel much less prominent, and you can feel rather calm and energized, ready to take on the new day.

Sleeping with a magnetic bracelet can however be a bit uncomfortable, depending on your sleeping habits and the actual bracelet you have chosen. If you find the experience uncomfortable, remove the bracelet before going to bed and don’t give it another second’s thought.

Getting a Magnetic Bracelet Wet

If you are one of those people who likes to shower with all of their jewellery on, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but it is advisable to take your magnetic bracelet off before jumping in the shower, bath, pool or ocean.

Chances are it will be perfectly okay if you get it a bit wet while washing your hands or doing the dishes, but do your best not to get it absolutely submerged.

Wipe your magnetic bracelet if it gets wet, or if you’ve worn it during a workout and it’s now a bit sweaty. This will ensure it lasts you the absolute longest time, and that it doesn’t lose any of its strength or aesthetic appeal.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Magnetic Bracelet

Wearing a magnetic bracelet right often comes down to choosing the right size. Our sizing guide can help you out a bit there.

Measure your wrist with a bit of paper or an actual tape measure before making a purchase. Leave the bit of space you want the actual bracelet to have between your skin and the measuring device, and you should come up with your ideal bracelet size. You may not be able to find one in precisely this size though, so some adjusting might be in order.

When choosing a bangle, make sure it’s as near to your desired size as possible. You may be able to adjust it a little bit, but only slightly. Rather than getting one that is too tight, go for the one that is somewhat larger than you would ideally get.

Some of our link magnetic bracelets can be adjusted for size more substantially though. They come with a very handy adjusting tool you can use to perform this tweak yourself, saving you the time to take it to a jeweller. All you have to do is remove the extra link.

When purchasing a link bracelet, go for the larger size and just remove the superfluous link when it arrives, as opposed to choosing one that might turn out to be too small you will then have to return.

Make sure to check the size of the links before making your choice though, as not all link bracelets will be adjustable in the way you need them to be. If you’re at all uncertain, get in touch with us and we’ll make sure to let you know if a bracelet can be adjusted.

Matching Your New Magnetic Bracelet With Your Current Style

When choosing your magnetic bracelet, consider the other pieces of jewellery you like to wear, and your watch. While mixing metals is certainly a trend, you don’t want your wrist to be the first thing people notice about you.

The Felicii range offers plenty of choice when it comes to materials and colours, so give our shop a browse, and you’ll certainly be able to find a subtle, trendy, timeless or vibrant item that will reflect your personality and character.

A Bracelet for Every Occasion

Also, who says you only have to have one magnetic bracelet? If you’ve noticed wearing yours has helped you feel better, has reduced your daily pain and if it makes you feel more comfortable, having different models for different occasions can ensure you never have to leave the house without your shinny support system again.

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