Autumn Hunting Clothing: Preparation for the Season and Camouflage Selection

High-quality, comfortable, practical and reliable hunting clothing is the most important part of preparing for the season. Camouflage not only allows you to reduce visibility in the terrain at certain times of the year, but also helps to maintain comfort. Hunting often requires long-term placement in one place or prompt promotion, including in difficult conditions, and only good products will have sufficiently attractive characteristics.

To select products or sets, it is worth visiting not an ordinary clothing store –, but one specializing in models designed for hunting. It is important to prepare in advance for the approaching season. To do this, you should pay attention to demi-season sets. It is recommended to pay special attention to increased humidity parameters and temperature fluctuations. Initially, it may seem that the choice is quite easy to make, but in fact, there are many different factors to consider.

Nuances of choosing autumn costumes for hunters

Modern brands provide the maximum variety of options for the off-season and the cold season. Models for running hunting are also relevant. When choosing the best clothes from this category, you need to take into account a number of certain parameters that affect the final quality.

Fabric Used for Hunting Clothing

In most cases, the choice is made in favor of polyester fiber, since it is especially convenient for demi-season products.

Advantages of the material:

– reliable protection against gusts of wind;

– moisture fencing;


But there are also disadvantages, including the density of the material can lead to thermoregulation disorders, because air does not pass through it at all. Another option is a membrane material, it is double-layered, perfectly withstands wind loads, and at the same time is waterproof. The membranes retain ventilation, so there will be no effect like from a greenhouse.


Insulation is mandatory if the clothes are used in the winter season or in early spring, late autumn. For the purpose of supplementation, fleece will usually be enough during the demi-season periods. It helps to shield you from the cold, while being very pleasant to the body. These qualities ensured the demand for the material. Thinsulate and Primaloft insulation are also in demand. They retain heat perfectly, but they are more expensive, so fleece is used more often.


The terrain used by the hunter is taken into account:

– if there is a lake or river nearby, overalls that reduce the level of humidity exposure will be convenient;

– In dry terrain, standard sets of pants and jackets are suitable;

– If you need more pockets, an unloading vest will not hurt.

Preparing for the season and choosing hunting camouflage clothing by color

Color shade is very important, so manufacturers provide a wide range. When selecting, you should take into account a number of recommendations:

– the color scheme itself must necessarily fit into the location where hunting takes place in the autumn period;

– if the buyer is interested in hunting tourism, you can take a closer look at universal plain fabrics;

– the structure is selected hairy, matte, it will not reflect rays, their scattering and absorption is ensured.

What should autumn hunting clothing look like?

It is important to choose clothing made of a material that will protect you from the weather, as well as will not scare away prey. Autumn weather cannot be predicted, it changes rapidly, including transitions from the sun to frost or heavy rain. Therefore, the best solution in this case is, of course, a membrane material. With the presence of several layers of insulation fabrics, it is possible to protect from bad weather. The material “Iceland, Huntshell, Bayern Munich”, Pride-X is in demand. The membranes easily withstand all water tests.

Walking Hunting Kits

Functionality is important for models, at the stage of preparation for the season, light and durable materials are chosen. When passing through the twigs, the tightness should not be lost. Products with taped seams and waterproof zippers are ideal. A plus will be the presence of pockets while maintaining convenient access. Also, the hunter’s costume should not rustle or interfere with movements. It is not heat retention that comes to the fore, but vapor permeability.

Ambush kits

Autumn costumes can be called versatile, they allow you to spend time waiting for prey or move over significant stretches. They differ from options for movement in that they require more significant insulation. Freedom of fit is also necessary so that you can wear layers of holofiber, as well as fleece or other fabrics in case of frost. Autumn products often cope with the cold down to -15 degrees, do not lose their properties at the first snow or heavy rain. Taped seams are also relevant here, especially if you have to spend a long time in the rain. Every detail is important, including the material that prevents getting wet. But without a comfortable hood, zipper, and waterproof seams, these qualities will be lost. An integrated approach to clothing production is important.

Choosing hunting camouflage for the autumn hunting season

In autumn, hunting camouflage clothing mistakes can significantly spoil the results of the hunt, since unmasking occurs. For the season, forest classics are suitable, made with a combination of black, brown and green colors. Experienced hunters specify that the color should be suitable for the terrain in which the person will be. This will help eliminate errors. At the beginning of autumn, there is still a lot of greenery, including grass, so it is better to use costumes with appropriate inclusions. When moving through dry grass, you should pay attention to sand prints. The mid-season also requires a number of specific accessories and products, so many manufacturers offer a choice that allows you to find the right combinations. Moreover, in autumn, do not forget about a hat, thermal underwear and other additions.

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