Heating Oil – How to Choose the Best Supplier?

Heating Oil – How to Choose the Best Supplier?

The heating oil has to pass through a journey starting from the ground to your tanks with the help of suppliers. In the United Kingdom (UK), more than 1 million household tanks do not rely on the national gas grid and work with heating oil.

Heating oil is a liquid fuel that powers domestic and commercial buildings’ oil-fired central heating systems. It is an economical fuel used by large commercial industries for warming purposes and by residential properties which do not have a national grid connection. This oil burns in an oil burner to heat water, which heats the pipes and radiators in a home.

Other Names of Heating Oil

There are various names of heating oil, such as burning oil, C2 kero, fuel oil, industrial paraffin, kerosene, standard kero, and 28 second.

How to Choose a Heating Oil Supplier

It can be not easy to choose a heating oil supplier; still, it is a crucial decision which requires considering different factors based on the household or industrial requirements, which have been explained below:


Some heating oil suppliers sign a contract with you to provide their services over a certain period, making everything clear for you and the suppliers and making you stress-free.

Customer Support

Customer support is the first thing you will encounter before getting services from suppliers, so you should critically analyze if their support is customer’s centralized. You should also check if they provide emergency support or not.


Heating oil suppliers with a successful track record ensure the experience, longevity, and quality of their services.

Guaranty and Warranty

When looking for a new heating oil supplier, you should carefully read their policies regarding the guarantees and warranties provided to become aware of what those policies cover.

Pricing and Payment

You can compare the prices of different heating oil suppliers to avail of services at the best pricing. Moreover, you should also check for the payment options on their website to see if they meet your requirements.


It would be best if you considered the supply and delivery reliability of your supplier so that you can get uninterrupted heating oil service throughout the winter.



Reviews on the heating oil suppliers’ websites provide insight into their past customer services, reputation, and trustworthiness.

Supplier Location

Some heating oil suppliers only cover the local community, and others provide services over more extensive areas; therefore, it is essential to know the geographical premises of your supplier within which they supply heating oil to explore if they cover your area.

Upfront Fees

You should select a supplier with transparent details regarding their costs and upfront fees to manage your finances accordingly. Upfront fees include convenience fees, delivery fees, or tank maintenance fees.

Other Services

You can check if the supplier is providing other services of installing, maintaining, and protecting your oil tank along with the heating oil supply so that you can get the maximum out of their services.

Heating Oil Prices

Heating oil prices vary due to multiple factors, which include:

  • Daily change in crude oil prices
  • Fuel oil supplier location
  • Required quantity of heating oil
  • Delivery requirements


What are the uses of heating oil in homes?

Primarily, heating oil is used in a boiler to heat the radiators in homes and can also be used for an oil-fired range cooker.

Which type of heating oil do I require in my home?

There are two types of heating oils for home:

  • Gas oil (35-second oil)
  • Kerosene (28-second oil)

The type of heating oil you require depends on the oil heating system installed in your home, and it can also be found by checking the labels on your heating system boiler or tank.

How can heating oil last longer?

If you want to make your heating oil last longer, use a premium heating oil, do a regular oil boiler and oil tank servicing, upgrade the oil boiler, perform regular maintenance checks, turn down the thermostat at a lower temperature, and improve home insulation.

What is the heating oil requirement of a house per year?

Per year heating oil requirements of a home depend on various factors such as house size, house age, number of rooms to warm, required warming temperature, duration of home heating per day, seasonal warming in winter or throughout the year, home insulation, and boiler efficiency.

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