How to Check your Emirates ID Status?

Discovering how things are going with your Emirates ID application doesn’t need to be complicated. In this blog, we’re going to reveal you the easy way to check your Emirates ID status.

No confusing actions, simply straightforward assistance to keep you informed about your application development. Let’s start on discovering the status of your Emirates ID– the easy way!

Moreover, you can likewise learn more about how to check visa status using passport number, in which you do not need to provide your Emirates ID number. You can inspect your Emirates ID status through your passport number; it’s an easy and straightforward procedure requiring just a few steps. Just go to the readily available article post and follow the guidelines offered.”

Moreover, if you have any questions or require further help relating to the procedure, do not be reluctant to reach out for assistance. It’s important to stay notified about your visa and Emirates ID status, making sure a smooth and hassle-free experience throughout your journeys or stay in the Emirates.

Why Do You Required to Examine Your Emirates ID Status?

First of all, the Emirates ID is a mandatory identification card for all UAE citizens, consisting of residents and expatriates. It is a plastic card with an electronic chip that stores your individual information, such as your name, date of birth, nationality, and address. The Emirates ID is likewise utilized as a proof of identity and residency in the UAE.

The Emirates ID is essential for UAE homeowners since it is required for lots of everyday jobs, such as:

  • Opening a checking account
  • Getting a cellphone plan
  • Renting an apartment
  • Requesting a job
  • Traveling within the UAE
  • Voting in elections

It is likewise essential to examine your Emirates ID status regularly to make sure that your card is still legitimate and that your individual information depends on date. If your Emirates ID ends, you will not be able to do any of the above things. You will likewise require to restore your Emirates ID if you alter your name, address, or citizenship.

3 Actions to Check Your Emirates ID Status

After you’ve sent your application for either a brand-new Emirates ID card or its renewal, you have the alternative to track the status of your Emirates ID online.

To confirm the status, you’ll require either the Emirates ID number or the registration application number. But do not fret you can just discover this in the application or in the ID.

So here are the easy steps that you can follow:

  1. Go to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) site:
    The site address is
  2. Enter your Emirates ID number, application number (PRAN), or passport number:
    As soon as in the site, find the section entitle ‘Inspect Application Status’ on the best side of the first page
    Then enter your Emirates ID number which is a 13-digit number that is printed on your card. On the other hand, your application number is a 10-digit number that you will get when you send your application for an Emirates ID. Last but not least, your passport number is the number of your passport.
  3. Click on the “Inspect” button
    : After inputting the number, click the ‘Inspect’ button in the very same box beside your Emirates ID number or application number. Then your application status will appear in a popup box.

If your Emirates ID status is “Pending”, it means that your application is still being processed. Nevertheless, if it is “Approved”, it suggests that your application has actually been authorized and your Emirates ID is being printed.

If your Emirates ID status is “Released“, it means that your Emirates ID has actually been released and is ready for collection. On the other hand, if the ID status is “Turned down”, it implies that your application has been rejected. If ever you deal with any troubles in the process of examining the status of your Emirates ID or card, you have the alternative to straight connect to the authority’s client assistance at 600 522222.

Tracking Emirates ID Application Development

An additional function available to users is the ‘Application History Log’ shown on the screen. This log offers a detailed timeline of their Emirates ID application, providing valuable insights into each phase of the process:

  • Date of application submission:
    The initial step, marking the date when the application was at first sent.
  • Date sent for printing:
    The subsequent stage, indicating when the application was forwarded for the printing of the Emirates ID card.
  • Date of information verification:
    A key checkpoint where the sent information is verified and validated.
  • Date card was printed:
    The date when the Emirates ID card was physically printed and finalized.
  • Date of dispatch to post office:
    The definitive action, signifying the day the card was dispatched to the designated post office for collection.

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