IPL Cinema – Ranking the Best Cricket Movies of All Time

Cricket lends itself well to cinematic depictions with its high-octane action and drama; we’ve seen several movies and series featuring it.

IPL Cinema is “83” is the latest cricket movie that is making waves. It follows a man’s return to play Ranji Trophy cricket to fulfill his son’s dream.

1. Lagaan

Cricket lends itself perfectly to cinematic representation. With its fast-paced action and high intensity moments, cricket provides a captivating cinematic backdrop, while offering opportunities to explore themes such as patriotism and heroism – making cricket-based films an increasingly popular genre for audiences around the world.

Lagaan, one of the classic cricket movies ever made, perfectly blends sports drama, political commentary and social commentary to produce an unforgettable film experience. Set during British colonial rule in India during which an arrogant officer challenges an Indian village for a cricket match between them and him to see which will win; should their village win, high taxes they pay will be abolished; featuring Aamir Khan as Bhuvan who leads this charge – this film should not be missed for any cricket enthusiast!

Bodyline (1984 Australian series), another great cricket film, boasts some popular actors like Hugo Weaving, Brett Lee and Mohinder Amarnath. The story centers on an autistic deaf man’s dream to play for England despite his father’s disapproval; with its mix of comedy, drama and love romance elements this movie makes an engaging watch.

Though this film is less well-known than others on our list, it still makes for a worthwhile viewing. The story follows an Indian cricketer as they overcome challenges to achieve their dream and it provides an engaging story that will appeal to cricket enthusiasts of all ages.

Kaun Pravin Tambe? is another film that both entertains and educates audiences, telling the true-life tale of an Indian cricketer who overcame enormous odds to achieve greatness in his sport. This biographical film serves as an inspiring testament to perseverance and persistence – two virtues essential for reaching one’s dreams.

Jersey, which chronicles Mithali Raj’s life and rise to stardom as a cricketer. Taapsee Pannu plays her, providing an inspirational tale about her ascent into cricket’s famed ranks. Fans who wish to gain insight into being professional athletes should watch Jersey.

2. Awwal Number

JioCinema, owned by Reliance Industries and benefitting from IPL fever, has seen tremendous success during this year’s tournament. Attracting many eyeballs as it experiments with original content prior to its planned transition from free service to paid services, JioCinema has seen record viewing numbers since IPL began last April.

While 83, Jersey, and Fire in Babylon have established themselves as some of the best cricket movies ever made, Awwal Number deserves its own place on this list. One of few Bollywood films to focus on sports-based jealousy, passion, and the spirit of competition; it even featured newcomer Aamir Khan alongside veteran Dev Anand in supporting roles.

Make this movie even more captivating by featuring American supermodel Cindy Crawford as part of its cast. In the late 90s, Cindy was among the hottest models in America. Though her acting abilities weren’t great, she still boasted an attractive figure and in Awwal Number she played an influential mother figure to its protagonist.

Contrasting modern sports movies in which athletes typically flaunt expensive gear and walk confidently down an aisle to applause, Awwal Number shows a different side to cricket: its hard work of young cricketer Muhammad Afzal. Furthermore, this film shows that sport is not about winning but about persevering through hardships with dignity; audiences could witness India’s historic win at Australia’s 1983 Prudential World Cup through Afzal.

As such, Awwal Number stands out amongst cricket movies for celebrating India’s sporting spirit and is not only recommended to cricket enthusiasts but to anyone interested in understanding India’s journey toward becoming one of the greatest sporting nations worldwide.

JioCinema’s success in drawing IPL viewers is an indication of Indian audiences’ appetite for original Indian content, which has lagged behind global giants like Netflix and Hotstar for some time. Reliance Industries recently unveiled plans for Jio Studios’ studio arm to produce more than 100 movies and original web series for release via their OTT app; their aggressive pursuit of originals could see Jio become one of India’s key OTT players.

3. Bodyline

Cricket, one of the world’s most beloved sports, lends itself well to cinema and television entertainment. From movies and series alike, good cricket-based films offer immersive entertainment; here are ten of our favorites that have taken advantage of its worldwide appeal!

“83: India’s Prudential Cup Win” encapsulates one of India’s greatest cricket victories beautifully in this award-winning movie. Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev and Jiiva as K Srikkanth will have you cheering for their team while its heart-rending story tells how one deaf and mute boy never let his disability limit his ambitions to achieve his goals.

Contrasting other depictions of Babe Ruth as a yobbo, this film portrays him as an avid professional baseball player who takes great pride in his craft. Additionally, its stellar cast includes Tom Berenger, Hugh Jackman, and James Caan – making for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Fictionally told, this film depicts a fictional account of a young man’s journey as he attempts to become one of cricket’s greats but gets sidetracked and finds himself in trouble. Undeterred by such obstacles, he perseveres by working hard at playing cricket again despite any setbacks. Though flawed in some regards, this tale remains gripping and inspiring.

as per Pioneer Epaper, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s story as one of India’s beloved cricket captains will enthrall anyone interested in cricket – not only inspiring you to pursue your own dreams and teach important life lessons through dedication and perseverance. Don’t miss this movie! It will inspire and educate.

This Australian 1984 miniseries was an enormous ratings success and featured several of Australia’s best known actors like Hugo Weaving, George Miller, Tony Greig. The film depicts events surrounding England’s Ashes tour to Australia from 1932-1933 under director Alfred Roome; written by Terence Rattigan Lex Marinos Denny Lawrence and George Ogilvie.

Reliance Jio’s acquisition of IPL digital rights for Rs 24,802 crore marks an enormous shift in Indian OTT markets and Viacom18’s plans for JioCinema; both offer free streaming to their users across Jio’s telecom network while recently unveiling premium subscription plans costing Rs 999 per year respectively.

4. Playing Away

Cricket is an intense and emotional game. It connects with people like no other sport can, which explains why so many movies are about cricket that resonate with its followers worldwide. There are serious take on cricket films as well as fun versions. Some feature biopics of famous players while most focus on one aspect unique to cricket such as psychological aspects or people behind-the-scenes action.

One of the most beloved movies about cricket is 83, a tale about India’s historic win at the Prudential Cup in 1983. Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev is sure to leave viewers gasping; any fan of cricket should watch this film.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is another popular Bollywood cricket film that follows Rusy as he attempts to fulfill his son’s dreams of playing at Lord’s. Although not quite as engaging, this flick offers some entertaining scenes and will surely bring smiles!

Bodyline, released in 1984 from Australia, takes an entertaining yet critical look at Australian cricket culture. While not quite replicating its thrills and spills like real matches do, this movie still makes for a good viewing experience.

Playing Away is an entertaining British comedy film about two worlds colliding, when an English village club and Brixton-based West Indian team come into contact through sports competition and their respective traditions. Watching this film is sure to leave you smiling with its delightful comedy-drama plotline!

While there are other movies about cricket available to us, these five are among the finest. Both entertaining and inspiring, they will leave you smiling from start to finish. Don’t hesitate! Start watching these movies today to start feeling that sports fever! If there are other movies you think should have made our list, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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